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Zul Smart

Job title 

Business Development Manager

With a focus on digital signage software systems, Zul's responsibilities also include the development of opportunities within the signage environment, across the hospitality, retail, corporate and healthcare sectors.

Experience and Background

Zul commenced his career as a MLSO (medical laboratory scientific officer), conducting various tests in the pathology department of a general hospital - however, a residual fascination in computer science meant Zul was the go-to when a computer or machine needed to be fixed. This inspired a change of direction and a role writing and composing computer software programmes in a corporate environment.

From computer science, back to biological science, Zul returned to the world of medicine, completing a BSC in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Wolverhampton.  This formed a basis for a career as a motorcycle paramedic.

A serious motorcycle accident prompted a final change of direction and a return to the world of computers and software.  Zul completed his MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) qualification and became a systems administrator, looking after multiple sites across the county.

Zul joins Airwave with extensive experience in the designing, installing and selling of software systems

Something Interesting?

Zul is nicknamed "data" - a consequence of his extensive breadth of knowledge across a number of areas. He uses his considerable gray matter working out angles on the squash court and breeding miniature Daschunds, however he's not so bright learning the bass guitar (25 years counting and still "rubbish" apparently).

Being a techie at heart, Zul loves Star Trek but reprehensibly, does not like the original Star Wars - he claims it's "boring and slow-paced" (amidst boos and general dissension).