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TV Tips for Airwave Hospitality and Hotel TV installers and suppliers

Tips when buying

Always buy a hospitality TV with at least a 2 Year commercial warranty for peace of mind. I hear that Airwave even have their own repair service and offer extended warranties!
Tim Worrall - Founder & Director
Size matters. We are selling more and more 43”+ TVs into budget hotels looking to provide guests with the key essentials to a comfortable stay. Invest in the future and choose the right size for your hotel.
Wayne Bowring – Key Account Manager
When refurbishing a guest-room, don’t forget to install a strong fixing plate behind the TV and also carefully decide on the position of the power plugs and aerial/data points at the planning stage.
Morné De Jager - Project Manager
Nowadays connectivity is a key element of the guest experience. Bear in mind that your customers are more than likely to be addicted to their devices and will want to watch content on the room's TV. Ask about hospitality certified Google Chromecast.
Toby Muggeridge - Senior Systems Engineer
Don't want unsightly satellite dishes and aerials on your property? Go for a fibre optic solution where your antennae can be sited well away from view - great for countryside hotels.
Peter Lacey - Networks Installation Manager
Want to provide guests with the ultimate home from home experience? Think about providing guests with Sky HD and Sky Sports channels.
Ian Tait – Key Account Manager
Offering blockbuster Hollywood movies free of charge in room is a great way to set your hotel apart from the rest. Airwave also offers a range of BBC programming for customers overseas. My advice is to keep content packages small and carefully tailored to your guest mix.
Richard Excell – Product Manager
A well designed digital signage solution helps you raise brand awareness.Do not see it as a screen where you display the latest news, but an extension of your website, an electronic concierge and that extra sales person, always adding value to your guests’ experience
Zul Smart -Business Development Manager


Did you know? Unique features

Did you know you can use a TV's interactive information system to keep your guests informed and promote your services?  And even better, create extra revenue streams and a tangible return on investment.  In short, a marketing manager AND accountant's dream product!
James Grant - Marketing Manager
Did you know that your Samsung Smart TV has a fully managed Video On-Demand Suite installed?  Simply download the airtime app from SmartHub and sign up today!
Reece Aherne - Content Support Executive
Are your guests complaining about TVs being too loud in the next room? Select TVs from a dedicated hospitality range and you can set a maximum volume in the hotel mode menu.
Toby Hart – Operations Director
Looking for a nice personal touch?  greet your guests by name when they turn on the TV with systems such as Otrum Enterprise.
Luke Mills - Installation Technician
Did you know? Airwave’s AirMEDIA Smart Solution clears the cache after use – so guests’ personal information is not compromised. Safety and security is assured.
Jes Redgard - Head of Sales, Healthcare
With systems such as Samsung REACH, Philips CMND and Otrum Enterprise, you can manage settings on all TVs from one central point, meaning no need to trawl from room to room. Minimise guest disruption and maximise time efficiency.
Harry Williams - 
Technical Support Advisor


Making the most out of your TVs

Catch visitors’ attention with Airwave’s digital information displays and communicate with guests via a tailored red button in-room information channel – a great way to promote hotel products, services or facilities that generate additional revenue.
David Taylor - Regional Account Manager
Finding it hard to invest in Hotel TVs? Introduce a “splash screen” that displays your branded message on screen in every room on start up! Increase food and beverage sales or cross group sales. Your TVs are a canvas waiting for promotional content.
Scott Brooker - Business Development Manager
Use interactive information systems embedded on TVs to make money!  receive advertising revenue by promoting local firms, allow your guests to order room service via the TV and advertise special offers such as happy hour - the list is only limited by your imagination.
Sam Osborne - Sales System Executive
Get app happy – smart TV is the future and will help future-proof your technology investment.
Jon Farmer - Sales Executive


Technical Team Tips

It's no longer enough to offer just high speed internet access, but rather unified communications - with or without the cable. Guests vote with their feet (and fingers) and this is reflected in many surveys, some of which place a good internet connection above breakfast and hot running water! Airwave is now able to offer end to end solutions from internet connections, captive portals / splash pages, managed access points systems, right through to IP telephony and end user support. Now is the time to make sure your guests can leave that amazing review while relaxing and watching Netflix!
Ian Parsons- IT Manager
Wifi architecture is all about capacity; make sure your infrastructure can cope with today's fast-paced demands from domestic and commercial clients. HD streaming is the new email.
Toby Muggeridge - Senior Systems Engineer
For peace of mind, take out a 24/7 maintenance contract on your network - keep things running smoothly and guests happy!
Rob Simister - Service and Maintenance Supervisor

Customer Service Tips

It might sound simple, but if you are having problems with your TV, try turning it off and back on again and making sure the aerial is connected. Remember for LG TVs – the master power button is sometimes underneath! If you are still having problems – pick up the phone and give us a call.
Stephanie Brown - Customer Services Assistant & Project Coordinator
If you have set your Samsung TV up incorrectly and can’t work out why - you can always factory reset by putting it in standby mode, then press info, menu, mute and then power. This will take you into the service menu where you'll be able to select options and factory reset the TV.  This will then power down and come back on as if it was new out the box.
Tanya Lintott - Customer Services Manager
At Airwave there is always a friendly and helpful member of staff waiting to help with any of your TV questions/problems.
Zoe Wales - Customer Services Assistant
If your Freeview channels are appearing in the wrong order, check that your TVs are set to the correct country.
Alison Catlin - Customer Services Assistant
If you’re not tech minded, don’t shy away. Give us a call, that's what we're here for!
Alison Catlin - Customer Services Assistant