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Airwave Other Accessories

Other accessories from Airwave.

  • Philips Smartcard Xpress Box



    • Flexible upgrade option for digital TVs 
    • Adds support for interactive entertainment solution 
    • SmartPlug Xpress interface 
    • SmartPort Xpress slot for Interactive systems 
    • Remote software upgrade 
    • One combined channel list for Analog and Digital channels 
    • SmartClock 
    • Aesthetic back cover 
    • Extending lifetime for existing systems 
    • Cloning of settings 
  • Zip mini Touch-n-go Charger



    Goodbye, tangles. Hello, wonder.

    The ZipMini Touch-n-Go™ charging station is the next step in the evolution of mobile device power.  Now your guests can take a call or check your e-mail without having to manually disconnect cables. Mobile devices reconncect themselves magnetically when guests move it back near the charging station. This sleek little powerhouse charges up to four devices at once, eliminates cord clutter, and looks great doing it. Perfect for cafes, hotel foyers and meeting rooms.

    No More Cable Clutter

    What sets the ZipMini apart from other chargers (besides its awesome good looks) is the Touch-n-go™ technology built into every unit.  Touch-n-go™ is a revolutionary combination of a magnetized base unit paired with magnetized 3-inch mini-cables knows as “zip tails.” The zip tails pop immediately into place on the charging station via the built-in magnets, and safely snap off when you move your device. And since the zip tails are delightfully small, the ZipMini makes tangles a think of the past.

    Charges Most Mobile Devices

    The ZipMini coordinates the charging of almost every mobile device, such as the iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Nook, most  mobile phones, most tablets, and any micro USB compatible device.  Each unit comes with two zip-tails, one for an Apple 30-pin dock connector and one for a micro USB (additional zip tails are available for purchase).

  • Sharp 3D glasses



    • 3D glasses for Sharp Quattron 3D TVs
    • Lens type: Liquid crystal shutter 
    • Rechargeable Lithium ion polymer battery 
    • Rechargeable via TV's USB terminal 
    • Battery life: 30 hours continuous use 
    • Charging time: 90 mins 
    • 3D to 2D conversion button
    • Stylish black frames 
  • LG Linkloader

    Cloning Remote

    LG Linkloader



    Save time setting up yout LG Hotel TV

    • Clone settings from one TV to another in seconds
    • Wireless or wired connection

    Compatible with LG Hotel and System TVs

    • xxLG300C
    • xxLG3000-H
    • xxLG3050-H
    • xxLH2000-H
    • xxLH3000-H
    • M Series (eg. M227WD-H)
        • Philips SmartCard XPress Box


          Product Features & Benefits

              Pemits OEM or third party decoders and controllers to be installed in the SmartCard Xpress