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22'' Samsung Prison TV



Deliver centrally managed entertainment while protecting the TV with airtight safety and security.

Samsung SMART Hospitality Display HD470TW is developed especially for in-cell prison and jail entertainment with airtight safety, security and management features.

Transparent Design

Nothing can be hidden inside, preventing inmates from being able to use TV housing to store prohibited items. The specially designed housing provides the equivalent level of durability as ordinary housing and also offers a flame-retardant feature.

Combine Rich Content and Manageability

The HD470TW series supports management over an existing coaxial network through LYNKTM REACH server which enables facility manager to edit channels and monitor cell TV status, recent deployment and activity

One-point Security Management

The facility manager can manage multiple TVs centrally from one single location and block access to factory mode to prevent inmates from modi ng TV settings.

Airtight Security Features

Airtight security features along with the transparent housing uproots the possibilities of unwanted TV usages by inmates. Almost all setting changes and input source connections can be blocked according to facility management policy.