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Minimal effort, maximum impact

A digital signage content management system (CMS) controls the display of media, such as images, video and text, on one, or multiple digital displays. A CMS is perhaps the most important component of a digital signage system as it customises, controls, schedules and runs what the customer sees - the content!  (What does a signage CMS do?)

A CMS will vary considerably in terms of complexity, power and scope, individual requirements dictating the complexity of a system - this might be the management of one media file on one screen to a daily schedule of numerous content types across a nationwide network of screens.

The scope of each system will vary considerably but a common factor must exist: a CMS must be intuitive and easy to use - think minimal effort for maximum impact.

What makes a good CMS?

Key features should include:

- An intuitive, cloud-based interface or dashboard - incorporating drag and drop movement and media customisation tools. 

- Simple content scheduling - allowing the scheduling of content via playlist and calendar functionality. Click here for a demo.

- Web portal management - access the CMS from any web browser on any device.

- Network monitoring - offers visibility of the network health of each display in a portfolio of screens. Click here for a demo.

- Offline mode - avoid black screens and error messages, ensuring content runs even when a network connection is down.

- Automatic software updates - updates are automatically pushed to each screen as and when available - no human intervention is required.

Other useful features include:

- Web service integration - link your CMS to a dynamic web service such as news headlines, local weather conditions, social media feeds and airport flight times. Click here for a demo.

- Font, colour and layout customisation - add an almost infinite number of design aesthetics.

- Split screen design - segment a signage display into smaller content zones; for example, advertise happy hour pricing on the same screen as Sky Sports and a RSS news feed. 

- Customisable template libraries - useful for the quick design of standard image and text templates.

- Social media integration - pulls and plays content uploaded onto social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.  

How can Airwave help?

In order to best choose a signage CMS, you need to have a firm idea of your communication goals, intended audience and and be mindful of any future requirements - how might the business grow or change? how might content and media evolve?  how can I prevent my CMS becoming outdated or obsolete? 

Airwave offer a "good, better, best option" catering from single screen projects to multi-screen, nationwide deployments and can recommend a CMS based on a qualifying conversation (we also offer a free trial, get in touch for more details).

Airwave is a certified partner of signage and IPTV provider, Otrum,  provider of customer centric software for the hospitality industry.  Other solutions available include Signagelive, and Samsung, Philips & LG in-house platforms.

For more details or advice, get in touch: 0845 555 1212 or

 An introduction to Airwave's key signage CMS