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The Benefits of Digital Signage

Why buy digital signage?

Sceptical about the benefits of digital signage over old-fashioned print displays?  Of course, expertly designed artwork and clever placement can form part of an efficient and effective marketing campaign but the reach, power and draw of digital advertising cannot be ignored.

If you're not sure whether the investment of a digital signage system is worth it, here's a few reasons that might help change your mind:

  • SAVES MONEY - Initial investment on signage equipment is likely to be significantly more expensive than print.  However after equipment is purchased and a network established, content can be changed or refreshed at the click of a button -  no further material, printing or delivery costs are necessary. Signage is also an effective resource saver, providing information that might ordinarily require a member of staff.


  • RETURN ON INVESTMENT - Costs saved by a reduction in print are complemented by the ROI opportunities provided by signage.  As an example, revenue can be generated by the advertising of local businesses or the upselling of products and services (happy hours, restaurant special deals etc); signage is also an effective method of creating impulse purchases.


  • QUICKER AND EASIER TO MANAGE - Content can be managed remotely from a central location and updated dynamically.  Out of date information (which can reflect badly on an organisation) becomes a thing of the past.


  • MORE MESSAGES - Content can be scheduled by the day, hour or even minute and tailored to suit different times of the day and types of customer.  Different types of content can be displayed on the same platform - often at the same time.  As an example, bar opening times can be displayed at the same time as a rolling news ticker and live traffic reports. Simply speaking, digital signage enables the distribution of an infinitely greater amount of information - at no extra cost.


  • BETTER CONTENT - Multimedia content is typically more evocative, dynamic and much more likely to catch the attention of, and influence its intended audience. It's a more effective and powerful form of message dissemination.


  • FLEXIBLE AND VERSATILE - The ability to display information at a click of a button gives an organisation flexibility.  The ability to display a multitude of different types of media and information offers versatility.  As a good example, in a hotel environment, digital signage can be used as a picture frame, displaying landscape scenes such as mountains or beaches and sporadically changing to provide variety.


  • BUILD YOUR BRAND - Use digital signage to encourage customers to interact with your brand, improve customer satisfaction and overall visitor experience.


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