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Digital Signage Content Creation



As digital signage technology evolves and becomes more and more commonplace, much focus is placed on the signage display - what size?  what brightness?  is it interactive?  how will it be networked? what's the best installation method?

It's easy to forget the fundamental purpose of digital signage - the display of content. Without compelling, engaging content, the power of signage's medium is diluted and potential revenue streams are reduced. The phrase "content is king" may be a cliche, but it's certainly relevant.



Engaging content needs to tick three key boxes:


The material needs to capture and retain a customer's attention, leaving a lasting impression.


Content needs to acknowledge its audience, relay a message and conform to a brand's identity. It also needs to adopt a suitable tone and fit a specific purpose/s -  categorised into a few key headings:


It's commonly agreed that marketers have less than ten seconds to capture a viewer's attention, as a consequence, messages need to be conveyed (and interpreted) quickly, simply and efficiently.


Inspiration and creativity are important but these need to be married with technical expertise to maximise the effectiveness of content. Expert knowledge of design and software programmes should underpin a flair for design and detailed knowledge of concepts such as Z layouts, golden ratios, use of motion, colour contrasts, font management geometry, spacing etc


Airwave provide an end-to-end digital signage service and as such, are experts in the design of content for commercial environments. We provide two different types of content design:

CMS based design

Airwave's signage technicians are experts in the implementation of content management software such as Otrum, Signagelive, Samsung's MagicInfo and Philips' CMND. Using these tools, still and moving content can be combined with fonts and graphics and scheduled to run in the user's chose order. 

Functionality will vary depending on the cost of the software but range from simple, cost-effective systems that might be compared to an automated "posh powerpoint" to feature-rich web-connected systems that can run several different contents concurrently, for example, dynamic traffic updates alongside weather widgets, RSS feeds and moving content.

Raw format design 

When a "design from scratch" approach is necessary, Airwave can do just that, taking a concept and designing relevant material to support that vision.

Content repurposing 

If you're looking to keep costs down, Airwave can improve or simply reformat existing content to support all types of display - often a few tweaks can make a big difference!


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