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AIELLO Intelligent Voice Assistant

For hospitality


Hello AI!

Customised for hotels and the hospitality business, Aiello's Voice Assistant (AVA) uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to deliver multiple room services.

A super-sleek touchscreen interface offers a quick and intuitive navigational experience, creating efficiencies for both the hotel, and  guest.


AVA uses voice control to offer a technology-rich experience, superseding in-room hardware such as the telephone and bluetooth speaker, and introducing IOT in the hotel room - use AVA to control lighting, air conditioning, curtains and the TV. 

Use AVA to send advertising (or information) to guests.... or simply send a personalised message to say hello!

Impress your guests

AVA is an aesthetically pleasing, low footprint device, ready to impress your guests, aiding that all-important first impression.


Operationally efficient

AVA's back-end digital management system offers operational efficiencies, delivered via an intuitive, remotely managed guest management platform. Features include:

- Housekeeping management: an online guest management platform monitors the Wi-Fi and power status of each Aiello set-up, as well as the check-in & check-out status, do not disturb and cleaning status.

- Task overview: provides an overview of all required housekeeping tasksRequests for in-room services, messages and customer complaints are viewable, including the time the request was placed, which staff member was assigned to it, and the completion time. 

- Push notifications: hotel staff can push any message to one or multiple devices. Messages appear on the device screen, and can be customised to a room, or a specific group. 


Provides valuable guest behaviour insights.

Do hotel guests want to talk to machines? The numbers don’t lie. Aiello Assistant has had over 12+ million conversations with over 1.5+ million hotel guests with an average frequency of 20+ interactions per day, per room.

Guest interactions with Aiello Assistant shine a light on aspects of the customer behaviour that weren’t obvious before. With data the teams can plan action items like expanding the variety of in-room amenities, launching new services, or partnering with surrounding businesses.

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