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Carbon Offsetting Policy

Here at Airwave, we're passionate about protecting the environment.

We hold a deep-rooted belief in environmental responsibility and sustainable practises. We've implemented many initiatives to mitigate our carbon footprint (see our list of environmental policies here), but felt practises such as the recycling of waste products and prudent management of utilities should be the most fundamental requirement in today's environment. 

We want to do more.

As suppliers of technology systems, we recognise that the energy consumption, production processes and logistics involved in our operations, contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. And as a responsible organisation, we have a duty to acknowledge, address, and mitigate this.


Offsetting our carbon footprint 

In August 2023, we commenced a partnership with conservation company, Gift-A-Tree, agreeing to plant a tree for every TV display we sell to a new customer. Ultimately, this allows us to plant many thousands of trees across the 40 countries that Gift-A-Tree partner with.

In doing this, we'll not only aid the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but we'll contribute to the restoration and preservation of natural ecosystems, supporting biodiversity, enhancing air quality, and fostering healthier communities. 

Through this initiative, we strive to create a positive legacy for future generations, demonstrating that businesses like ours can be agents of change in the fight against climate change. We understand that reducing our carbon emissions alone may not be enough to address the global environmental crisis, which is why we have embraced the planting of trees as a tool to counterbalance our carbon output.

About Gift A Tree

Based on a nature reserve near Tiverton, Devon, Gift a Tree work with charities (such as WWF, The Rainforest Action Network & The Rainforest Trust), companies and individuals, to generate woodlands and forests. Working across 34 countries, Gift-A-Tree help to boost local economies, educate communities, giving them the tools they need to successfully plant trees, re-wild the environment, reduce CO2 and eradicate deforestation.

Our Partners

We're privileged to work with partners who share our beliefs, and support our ongoing carbon offsetting initiative.

We warmly thank Philips Professional Displays, LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics, who support our initiative, allowing us to plant many thousands of trees each year.


Please Join Us....

Airwave's commitment to sustainability runs deeper than efforts to offset our carbon footprint. Our partnership with Gift-A-Tree is a source of inspiration and unity within the organisation; our employees take immense pride in participating in tree-planting activities, forging a stronger connection with nature. The enthusiasm and sense of purpose that arise from these endeavours are invaluable in creating a sustainable corporate culture.

We understand that our efforts are only one part of a broader collective mission to safeguard the planet. Therefore, we actively seek partnerships with like-minded organisations, to amplify the impact of our tree-planting initiative.

We invite everyone to join us on this journey - together we can create a greener, more sustainable world...

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