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Our Services

In order to provide industry-leading prices, Airwave offer a one-stop-shop service, ensuring continuity of communication and the streamlining of costs across each project.

Each customer is allocated a dedicated account manager and recognising the complexity of hospitality technology, all sales personnel undertake technical training to ensure contact with customers is focussed and productive.

Subject to productive early conversations, your account manager will instigate a consultation process ahead of a final project proposal and quotation.  The complexity of this will depend on a property’s requirements but can range from the supply of standalone televisions to complicated multi-site networked infrastructure.

Airwave are passionate about providing the best service in the industry our reputation for exceeding expectations has underpinned our journey to hospitality technology market leader.



Finance, Rental and Leasing

Airwave provide a number of finance options, enabling our customers to acquire cutting-edge technology without the associated cash investment.

The lease rental of TV and signage packages will often best serve the requirements of a business looking to finance a new or upgraded display system.

Airwave Europe Ltd is part of the SCCI Group and has access to an in-house finance business (Switchsure); this allows us to offer a broad range of finance solutions at rates that match high-street lenders.

We work closely with our customers to ascertain their exact requirements and tailor a finance solution that matches. Our leasing agreements include ongoing maintenance support and we can add additional products or services during the contract period if required.

Based on a fixed, usually monthly, cost over the life of a system, a leasing model provides our customers with flexibility and options.



Site Survey

To assure the integrity of each quotation, Airwave will commission an engineer to undertake a full site survey. This will form the basis of a comprehensive report, detailing current infrastructure, future requirements and the listing of software, hardware and network options.

 Typically, an engineer will propose a “good, better, best” solution in order to give our customers full transparency and clarity ahead of a purchasing decision.

 Subject to the integrity of the solution proposed, it is often possible to utilise a property’s existing infrastructure – reducing cost and minimising guest disruption.




Airwave’s project management and install team far outnumbers all other divisions within the business. The ethos is simple: each project must run flawlessly, within an agreed time schedule and with minimal disruption to a property’s guests and staff.

Recognising that poor project management can result in reduced room occupancy, we work closely with each property’s management team to agree a project’s schedule. 

As part of the SCCI Group of companies, Airwave can utilise a nationwide network of qualified engineers - as a consequence, response times are immediate and travel costs are negligible.

Airwave are experts in the installation of the following services:

  • Guest-room television and audio systems
  • Digital Signage networks
  • High Speed Internet access and Wifi
  • Terrestrial, satellite & cable channels and networks
  • IPTV solutions
  • Premium content and video on demand movie systems
  • Head-end to room distribution
  • Coaxial and CAT 5 cabling infrastructure
  • TV and hardware mounting and casing solutions



Service and Support

The diverse nature of hotels, hospitals and commercial buildings demands a flexible approach to a service and support offering.

 As such, and in parallel with Airwave’s one-stop-shop service, we can bespoke and tailor service packages in as much detail as required. These can be as simple as a free-of-charge two-year television warranty to an eight-year service level agreement across an estate of hotels.

The provision of technology and a maintenance package to The Premier Inn’s 750+ hotel estate underpins infrastructure for a nationwide team of engineers and technicians, enabling a fast response to all issues.

 All issues will be logged and ticketed via our 24/7/365 service.



Repair and Spares Services

Airwave are the UK’s only authorised Samsung HTV repair centre and are qualified to repair all hospitality television screens and related equipment.

Our repair technicians are highly-skilled and able to fix TVs to PCB level, enabling our customers to save money on the purchase of new screens.

We also hold a full inventory of spare parts across all the tier one manufacturers and run a salvage scheme supporting the service of legacy products.



Information Channels

Airwave's design engineers provide design, build and content management services, enabling hotels to communicate to guests via customised graphical interfaces on the television.  Typical pages include restaurant menus, local attractions and weather but a platform can be as simple or as complicated as required.

All systems are completely customisable and as such, can be used as effective branding tool.  Features might include hotel directories (no more untidy in-room literature), promotional videos and dedicated branding channels.

More comprehensive smart solutions can include connect your own device functionality, dynamic advertising and a room service portal.



Content, Video On Demand and Movies

Airwave provide movie and programme content to a global network of partners in more than 50 countries, entertaining 5 million hotel guests each year.

Longstanding partnerships with a number of studios such as Paramount, Universal, Disney, StudioCanal, eOne and the BBC enable the bespoking of packages to suit any property's specific requirements. International channels can also be provided as part of an individual or tailored service and Airwave is also a Sky preferred partner and able to provide a full range of Sky in-room services.

Airwave are also proud suppliers of Airtime, the revolutionary cloud-based movie streaming service, providing a video on demand service without the associated costs of traditional server-based systems (