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Guestroom Entertainment System - Feature Checklist

Airwave's core portfolio of information systems can be tailored by individual feature, providing maximum flexibility and preventing unnecessary cost. 





Web based portal (Desktop)
Web based portal (Mobile)
Flexible menu editor
Automated updates
Automated cloud back up
Online maintenance / Predictive maintenance
Compatible with Samsung, LG & Philips HTV 720p 1080p
Native TV features (Bluetooth, Miracast etc.)
100% cloud based SaaS
Integration with PMS Add on

Software Features (basic)

Wake-Up (including central management)
Internet video & OTT streams
Cloud news feeds (RSS)
Cloud weather feeds (RSS)
Channel table management
Channel sorting
TV maintenance
Welcome message
View bill
Usage analytics
Premium 'Pay' Channels
Storefronts / Ordering Tool
Web radio
Central stream allocator (Airplay/OtrumCast)
Urgent message
Housekeeping module
Management with no PMS (Check-in/Check-out)

Software Features (advanced)

Instant cloud deployment
API Connector for external CMS / data
API for Deployment
API for PMS replacement
OtrumCast (Google Chromecast) Add on Add on
MultiDay EPG from Gracenote Add on Add on
Flight Information Feed Add on Add on
Guest Mobile App Add on
Room Management App (Housekeeping etc.) Coming Soon 
Aitime compatibility for cloud based VOD


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