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Hotel TV Systems

In recent times, the hotel industry has veered away from video-on-demand television systems - an increase in portable devices and content streaming services such as Netflix has rendered the pay-per-view format as outdated and unnecessarily expensive.

However, an information system remains a vital communication and branding tool and as such, Airwave's portfolio of customisable systems provide an efficient and affordable way of communicating with your guests.  Systems can be tailored to suit a multitude of situations, from small boutique hotels to centrally-managed multi-site chains and can be commissioned on an IP network or existing RF (coaxial) infrastructure. Airwave are also able to deliver an IP system over a coaxial network using DOCSIS technology.

Airwave offer a number of options, ranging from the simply supply of an information channel to a designed and fully-managed interactive system. 

Click here for an interactive example of a hotel information system.