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STAYCAST™ powered by Google Chromecast is the ultimate hospitality streaming experience. Connecting seamlessly to a hotel's existing TV infrastructure, STAYCAST allows guests to stream their own content onto the room's television, using their own portable device as the control.

Installed in over 50,000 rooms, STAYCAST’s game-changing solution allows guests access to favourite apps such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer and YouTube on the in-room TV.

Guests are already streaming (or attempting to stream) in hotel rooms – STAYCAST offers your guests the comfortable familiarity of home by enabling them to stream content from1000+ mobile apps to the biggest screen in the room.

With STAYCAST, your property will be on the cutting-edge of in-room hotel entertainment.


Why is content-streaming so important?

The huge increase and availability of over-the-top (OTT) services and devices is dramatically changing television viewing. Linear and traditional pay TV services are being supplemented by OTT on-demand entertainment that is rapidly being considered the norm. Travellers – particularly Millennials – increasingly expect to have the ability to view their subscribed services on in-room hotel televisions. Selecting the right OTT solution requires consideration of technical complexities as well as implementation costs.

STAYCAST's solution works on the premise that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to these challenges. In order to serve a variety of needs and services, STAYCAST offers a best-in-class solution that will not only meet the high expectations of the guest but also the financial objectives of the hotelier.

Is it easy to stream content?

Sure! Assuming you've already logged on to the hotel's wifi network, all you have to do is enter a code from a webpage and press connect. Take a look at the below instruction video: