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The cost of a hotel's search to provide the ultimate guest experience can be vast - air conditioning, expensive fabrics, interior design, mattresses, power showers etc

However, the cost of an upgrade to one of the most tangible and used aspects of a guest's stay - the guest-room TV's content offering - is negligible in comparison.

A hospitality certified Chromecast system will typically cost less than one night's stay at a hotel, a bargain when considering the number of benefits offered:


  • Provides a home-from-home experience
  • Minimises disruption for frequent travellers, access to a guest's favourite TV shows turns a night's stay from a chore to a mild inconvenience!
  • Grants access to a range of content from apps such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube and Spotify - the content from which offers an almost infinite supply of content.
  • Unlike screen mirroring, a guest can still use their device whilst streaming content.



  • An increase in guest satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Research indicates a marked increase in the number of guests searching for hotels with BYOD/Chromecast in the bedroom.
  • Can be integrated with any TV with an HDMI port - effectively turning a non-smart TV into a smart TV.
  • Can be integrated seamlessly with guest information interfaces.
  • Dashboard analytics offer insight into guest usage statistics.


To find out more about hospitality certified Chromecast system, get in touch: or 0845 555 1212