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Samsung HGEE694 Series


HGEE694 Series

The HE694 has a simple, low-cost IP migration solution for hotels that currently have coaxial infrastructure. The growing demand for in-room internet connectivity is increasing the importance of credible and robust IP infrastructure. Besides supporting WiFi, one of the most-demanded guest services today, an IP network also enables cable channels in HD, unified communication and integrated room controls. Due to consumer expectation of these services, the migration to an IP infrastructure that supports the technologies is necessary in order to stay competitive. In response to the growing number of hotels wanting to transition, Samsung HE694 display provides a simple and easy solution, called “IP over Coax” which offers IP content service without a high cost burden.

Product Features

  • Simplified solution for IP-migration by building IP services into existing coax infrastructure
  • Low cost resolution that eliminates the need for a full infrastructure overhaul
  • Upgraded guest experience delivering the comforts of home through in-room display
  • Expanded connectivity and program access through a connected Ethernet bridge
  • Customized communication and content options provide differentiated guest experience
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