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Small Screen Signage

Airwave supply small screen signage solutions from Samsung, Philips and LG.


  • Samsung DB Series

    Small Display signage (10/21)

    Samsung DB Series

    DB series


    •  Enhance the customer experience by effectively delivering engaging personalised messaging at the 'point-of-sale' with sleek, space-saving LED displays.

    •  Operate effectively in business and commercial environments with high durability, a longer lifespan, extended warranty, multiple connectivity and easy content creation and management.

    •  Enhance operational performance with embedded 2nd generation Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSSP), boasting a powerful quad-core processor with system-on-chip (SOC) technology.

    •  Streamline the display environment and increase efficiency with an all-in-one solution featuring built-in Wi-Fi and an embedded media player.

    •  Rely on a proven display leader that offers a B2B product road map, top-notch customer service and extensive global coverage.


    Small screen signage solutions offer versatility, enabling them to be placed in intimate and tighter locations, providing close-up, individualised messages targeted for specific products and services.  The result is a deeper, differentiated in-store experience through proximate, interactive communication that boosts sales performance.

    Why not simply use cheaper consumer tablets?  Consumer-grade displays are not designed for continuous and rugged usage, which is an important factor when considering the commercial use of any digital display.  Samsung small-sized displays are specifically engineered for highly reliable, long-term commercial use in business environments and deliver high levels of brightness of up to 450-nit.

    Consumer-grade displays might seem economical in the short term, however the displays inevitably become costly in the long run, when they break down unexpectedly, with voided or expired warranties.  In contrast, Samsung displays are backed up by a 2-3 year warranty.

  • LG 10SM3TB

    Small Display Signage (10")

    LG 10SM3TB


    10SM3TB Small Signage

    The 10SM3TB is a compact touch screen that can be used in a wide range of places, such as a price tag on supermarket shelves, near cashiers in convenience stores or as a notification board in business spaces. The display offers simple and efficient power management via PoE (Power-over-Ethernet).

     - Brightness : 400cd/m2
     - Bezel : 14mm (Even Bezel)
     - Depth : 29.7mm
     - Interface : USB, SD Card, RJ45
     - Special Features : Wi-Fi Built-in, K-Slot

    Key features

     Built-in Touch

    Interactive process between users and displays with built- in touch, creates informative and lively user experience.

    5.9GB Internal Memory + SD Card

    With 5.9GB of internal memory and an additional SD card slot, you can play a sufficient amount of content within the internal memory or additional storage.

    Simple Network Management Protocol

    SNMP support ensures convenient network management.

    PoE & Low Power Consumption

    PoE* allows the installer to connect the power and network using just one wire. This greatly simpli es the installation and maintenance processes in locations where adding a power outlet is expensive or prohibited.


    The 10SM3TB with SoftAP software can operate as a wireless access point for mobile devices.

    Support for Android Environment

    The application which can be operated on the screen with customers can be developed and used based on Android OS.

  • Philips Multi-Touch Display

    Small Display Signage (10")

    Philips Multi-Touch Display

    Discover a new level of interaction

    Supreme audience interaction

    • Engage clients with an interactive screen

    • True multi touch with 5 simultaneous touch points

    Innovative solutions for any signage application

    • Android: Run your own app or choose your favorite app to run

    • Save and play content with internal memory

    • LED bars for meeting room applications • Simplify the installation with Power-over-Ethernet

    • Built-in WiFi and bluetooth

    Maximizing the impact of your message

    • Manage settings of multiple displays with CMND & Control

    • Create and update content with CMND & Create

    • CMND:Take control of your displays • Simplify your installation with the built-in wall mount

    • Connect and control your content via the cloud