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Samsung SMART Signage - MLE Series

MLE Series


Superior content visibility through a polarised film composition and elevated transparency (90 per cent) and reflectivity (55 per cent)

A sleek, bezel-free design featuring a seamless front-glass panel and metallic side frame

A convenient proximity sensor that automatically transitions between a standard mirror and promotional display as customers navigate the storefront

Enjoy a full-UHD display line-up (49", 55", 65",75",98")

An easy-to-use signage alternative featuring built-in WiFi and mobile-device compatible content management tools

In fast-paced retail environments where space and engagement time are limited, businesses must find new ways to efficiently capture customer attention.  Samsung's MLE mirror displays serve as this all-in-one content centre to help shoppers make more informed purchasing decisions.  Ideal for fashion, cosmetic, fitness and general retails settings, the MLE displays deliver relevant promotional content while additionally serving as a standard reflection mirror.  The result is a multi-functional hybrid display that adds unparalleled clarity and readily-available information to any mirror setting while complementing the surrounding scene through a premium, pristine design.

MLE Series
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