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Create a customised guest experience with Sky Select

A large number of your guests will be familiar with Sky TV and would love to expect to watch their favourite content whilst staying with you.

Sky Select, just like Sky-In Room, provides a "home-from-home" experience in the guest's room, providing a tailored listing of high definition Sky channels.

Some key Sky Select features and benefits for your hotel:

  • Create an integrated welcome channel, personalising the guest-room experience.
  • Scales well for large hotels, using coax or IP, and using Sky or TV remote.
  • Reduces maintenance requirements with remote 24/7 monitoring.
  • Select a custom list of HD channels
  • HD pack included across all options
  • A great added value service to meet guest expectations

Managers and hoteliers can choose from 4 great package options:

  1. Entertainment plus Sky HD
  2. Entertainment and Sports plus Sky HD
  3. Entertainment and Movies plus Sky HD
  4. Entertainment, Sports and Movies plus Sky HD