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LG Pro:Centric SMART Hotel TV

Pro:Centric Smart Hotel TV offers extended customisation functionality, providing premium hotel services without the need for a set-top box.  Similar to consumer smart TVs, guests have access to apps and smart features such as screen-sharing and browsing.

  • EV960H

    LG EV960H (65)



    EV960H OLED Wallpaper TV 

    Marvel at the aesthetics of the world's first OLED Wallpaper Hotel TV, which blends perfectly into the wall. The EV960H series features an impossibly light and thin "Picture-on-Wall" design and supports premier hotel solutions with the guest in mind, using LG's innovative OLED technology. Plus, with outstanding picture quality and HDR (high dynamic range) compatibility, it gives guests theater-like experience.


    Picture-on-Wall Design

    • NEW wallpaper design 
    • NEW Dolby VisionTM HDR, HDR10
    • OLED Technology–
    • Intense Colors, In nite Contrast, Perfect Viewing Screen
    • Pro:Centric® SMART
    • Pro:Idiom®
    • Pro:Centric® Direct Ready


    Key Features

     Picture-on-Wall Design

    The thin, artistic design of the EV960H series blends perfectly into the wall without even the trace of a shadow.

    Dolby VisionTM HDR

    Dolby VisionTM is a technology that delivers intense highlights, vivid colours and deep black on the screen. LG OLED TV supports premium HDR contents mastered by Dolby VisionTM and is even compatible with generic HDR10.

    Intense Colours - Vibrant picture quality

    OLED hospitality TVs bring colours to life with superb accuracy. Self-lighting pixels give the TV expanded colour scope, delivering finest details of colour and gradation. This allows guests to enjoy content more vividly.

    Infinite Contrast

    Self-lighting pixels switch off completely to create a deep black. No light bleed. Absolute black offers infinite contrast, and guests can appreciate its clarity.

    Wide viewing angle

    LG OLED Commercial TVs delivers awe-inspiring picture quality across the entire screen, even from wide viewing angles.

  • EW961H Series

    LG EW961H Series (55,65)

    EW961H Series


    EW961H Series 

    Dazzle your guests with the stunning picture quality of OLED combined with LG’s smart hotel TV technologies. The EW961H model is specially designed for hotel rooms and supports guest-centric solutions. It delivers finest details of color and enhanced sound supported by Harman Kardon technology, and offers guests an unrivaled experience.


    Simple and Cost-Saving Hotel TV Management

    • OLED TV – Blade Slim, Intense Colors, Infinite Contrast
    • Pro:Centric® Smart
    • OLED
    • Harman/kardon® Sound
    • webOS 3.0
    • Pro:Idiom®
    • Bluetooth Sound Sync
    • NEW Pro:Centric Direct Ready

    Key Features

    Smart Customization

    Create your own solution along with LG’s smart customization tools and content management software. With the tailored solution, hotel can elevate their brand to new levels.

    Enhanced Guest Experience

    Delight your guests with vivid picture quality and entertaining features including webOS 3.0 and its smart apps. It captivates guests’ taste and brings them again.

    Smart Connectivity

    Cross display boundaries freely and without hassle. With LG Smart Share, mirroring and content sharing between TV and other smart devices are made incredibly easy and user-friendly.

    External Speaker Out

    Lets users enjoy the external speaker in a separate place such as the bathroom.

    Instant On

    Instant on function’s high speed loading system saves and enables users to enjoy the contents immediately when they first turn on the TV.

    Multi IR

    Multi IR function eliminates the remote control signal interference between TVs in multiple dwelling beds.


    Prevent any illegal copying of content by the widely used DRM (Digital Right Management).


    SoftAP means Software enabled Access Point. This “virtual” Wi-Fi feature executes by software working on the device to create a wireless hotspot.


    SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) ensures convenient network management for SI and business managers.