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LG Video Walls

LG offers a comprehensive selection of display solutions tailored to the conditions of a number of markets and sectors.  Environments catered for include retail, hospitality, education, government, food & drink, stadiums and outdoor events.  All solutions are designed with specific conditions and budgets in mind and all are designed to maximise the customer's return on investment.

With a focus on innovation and cutting-edge technology, LG offer a full portfolio of signage products such as UHD, high brightness (outdoor signage), video walls, transparent displays, ultra-stretch screens and touch-screen panels.

Airwave's long and close relationship with LG ensures technical expertise and industry-leading prices.

  • LG VH/VM Series Video Wall

    Borderless Quad Core SOC Video Wall

    LG VH/VM Series Video Wall

    LG VH/VM Series


    • Borderless design - with its 0.9 mm even panel bezel and 1.8 mm BtB (bezel to bezel), enables immersive and seamless viewing experiences on assembled video wall screens.
    • Built in SOC and synced playback - the optimised built-in quad-core SoC can play various content formats and eliminates the need for an external media player. 
    • Superior picture quality -  ensures clear picture quality even when installed in stacks of more than four, favourable for quantities of video walls installed in large spaces.
    • Uniform brightness - LG’s LED backlight technology guarantees high uniformity in brightness to ensure a clear picture. 


    With its borderless design, LG's VH/VM Series offers maximum immersion for video walls. Its quad-core SoC plays various types of content without the need for an extra media player due to its efficient management tools.

    The VH/VM Series effectively raises customer awareness, particularly in areas with heavy foot traffic such as museums, galleries, and large retail stores.