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Signage Software Solutions

Digital signage software controls the display of content such as images, video and other data on a display. As such, it needs to be stable, responsive and most importantly, intuitive.  Airwave's portfolio of signage software is needs to fulfil all these categories, enabling the efficient and seamless scheduling and monitoring of content. 

  • AirSIGN

    Cloud-Based Solution



    Networked Digital Signage

    Already playing out to thousands of screens across Europe, Airwaves own digital signage platform “AirSIGN”, is truly indispensable for the distribution of content over the internet.  Whether you require digital menu boards, timetables, information, or simply rolling graphics in your foyer, AirSIGN can do it all.  Using a specially configured PC player, content is scheduled online and played out, either to a single screen, or many screens. The output can be played out on to screens as small as 7”, right up to the biggest possible video wall sizes. AirSIGN allows the user the opportunity to incorporate useful information, branding and advertising opportunities. AirSIGN features:

    • Supports multiple screen areas, e.g. video, background image, scrolling news, weather.
    • Configured small form factor PC player (subject to requirements).
    • Access to web control interface, allowing global remote administration.
    • Remote Support – via Airwave
    • Use internal components: to enrich your signage presentation. These include RSS News, RSS Weather, RSS Video Podcasts, HTML component, TV Tuner / Capture card, clocks and more. Components can be used directly on the timeline or within a designer scene.
    • Advertising Engine: Build your own Advertising network, provide to your customer proof of play, visual analytics and more. Each customer can be managed through the sub-account manager
  • Otrum Digital Signage

    Intuitive 'drag and drop' publishing

    Otrum Digital Signage

     Engage. Entice. Inform.

    Communications made simple with Otrum Digital Signage.


    • Inform your audience of relevant information.
    • Share the right message at the right time. 
    • Manage crowd flow with clear wayfinding.
    • Strengthen brand identity.
    • Generate revenue via sales promotions and advertising.
    • Reduce admin and printing costs.
  • Signagelive



    Signagelive software is powerful, fully managed, scalable and intuitive, built with the future in mind. 

    Use Signagelive to:

    SCHEDULE - organise content in a playlist simply, or use advanced tools to programmatically schedule through metadata.

    MANAGE - 1 to 1000+ screens by yourself or add as many network users as needed with appropriate access restrictions.

    REPORT - Are the screens on? Are they playing content? How many times? What are the trends? All questions can be answered via Signagelive's sophisticated reporting tool.

    INTERACT - Emergency messaging, but so much more: turn your digital signage network into a broadcast-worthy experience.


    What's included?

    • Free support - speak to a human being
    • Unlimited users - with varying levels of access can update templates schedule content groups or manage the entire network.
    • Tailored training - 120 minute online training webinars tailored to the individual user's requirements.
    • Free updates - including all new functionalities.


    The Signagelive Marketplace offers the user a comprehensive choice of templates and content, it includes:

    • 20+ Digital / analogue clocks
    • 200+ Layout background images
    • 200+ Digital menu templates
    • 10+ Weather widgets
    • 10+ Google+ / Office 365 meeting room templates
  • Samsung Magic Info

    Compatible with Samsung LFD Screens

    Samsung Magic Info


    Samsung MagicInfo 


    A smart, intuitive content creation and management solution for your digital signage, MagicInfo offers a suite of creative tools that are built to facilitate content creation and display management, regardless of browser, device or operating system. Discover a range of functionality, from creating eye-catching digital signage to designing and managing a complex, interactive multimedia display system.

    Whether running single Samsung Built-in PC signage or multi-machine networks, it's simple to install and use, allowing effortless display control from a web-based portal. All fully optimised for Samsung displays, you enjoy the flexibility of full screen or multi-frame layouts, with added administrator functionality for greater control of local screens. Network health is constantly monitored, with error logs and alerts are automatically reported to highly-skilled technicians who deal with any issues quickly and effectively.

    Key Features

    • Web-based management
    • Integrated player - no need for external PC or media players
    • Fully integrated content editor and various ready-made templates
    • Fully manageable scheduling of content and messages
    • Statistics - analyse your data to unlock actionable statistics
  • LG SuperSign

    Standalone Digital Signage

    LG SuperSign

    LG SuperSign

    LG SuperSign digital signage solution is perfect for restaurants, hotels, retailers, hospitals or education establishments who are looking for a cost-effective way to engage with audiences, using eye-catching, up-to-date information.

    The LG SuperSign TV displays live television as well as tailored signage content, uploaded by USB drive and requires no additional hardware or media player. The system comes with templates which are easily customisable and updatable. Advertisements, information, images and videos can be incorporated into a template on screen to communicate with customers, patients or students.

    • Cost-Effective

    LG SuperSign TVs require no media player or additional hardware. Perfect for single sites; no network is required.

    • Fast & Easy

    Edit content quickly and easily on your computer by selecting one of the pre-installed content templates. Simply apply images and text, save it to a USB drive, plug it in to your Supersign screen and away you go! It’s that easy.

    • Customized to your Needs

    Signage content can be specific to your business. Customise templates, change colours and fonts. Include company videos, images and logos. Branded templates are available.

    • Sleek Design

    Enhance the quality of the customer experience. Its attractive simplicity adds to every retail, restaurant, corporate or public space.