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LG LFD Signage

LG offers a comprehensive selection of display solutions tailored to the conditions of a number of markets and sectors.  Environments catered for include retail, hospitality, education, government, food & drink, stadiums and outdoor events.  All solutions are designed with specific conditions and budgets in mind and all are designed to maximise the customer's return on investment.

With a focus on innovation and cutting-edge technology, LG offer a full portfolio of signage products such as UHD, high brightness (outdoor signage), video walls, transparent displays, ultra-stretch screens and touch-screen panels.

Airwave's long and close relationship with LG ensures technical expertise and industry-leading prices.

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  • LG 10SM3TB

    Small Display Signage (10)

    LG 10SM3TB


    10SM3TB Small Signage

    The 10SM3TB is a compact touch screen that can be used in a wide range of places, such as a price tag on supermarket shelves, near cashiers in convenience stores or as a notification board in business spaces. The display offers simple and efficient power management via PoE (Power-over-Ethernet).

     - Brightness : 400cd/m2
     - Bezel : 14mm (Even Bezel)
     - Depth : 29.7mm
     - Interface : USB, SD Card, RJ45
     - Special Features : Wi-Fi Built-in, K-Slot

    Key features

     Built-in Touch

    Interactive process between users and displays with built- in touch, creates informative and lively user experience.

    5.9GB Internal Memory + SD Card

    With 5.9GB of internal memory and an additional SD card slot, you can play a sufficient amount of content within the internal memory or additional storage.

    Simple Network Management Protocol

    SNMP support ensures convenient network management.

    PoE & Low Power Consumption

    PoE* allows the installer to connect the power and network using just one wire. This greatly simpli es the installation and maintenance processes in locations where adding a power outlet is expensive or prohibited.


    The 10SM3TB with SoftAP software can operate as a wireless access point for mobile devices.

    Support for Android Environment

    The application which can be operated on the screen with customers can be developed and used based on Android OS.

  • SE3C Series

    Entry-Level SE3C Series

    SE3C Series


    SE3C Series (43/55/65)

    Simplify promotional content or sales information management with the LG SE3C Series, which satisfies a wide range of display purposes for your business. This series has a practical design with a slimmer bezel and depth for optimum space utilization. Multiple screen sizes ensure the best selection for your business environment.

    Key features


    Slimmer Bezel & Depth

    The thinner bezel & depth allows a perfect it for a sleek look.

    Detachable Logo

    Portrait mode allows the logo to be positioned in the desired setting.

    Cable Management

    The well-organized rear cable terminals optimize available space.

    USB Content Scheduling

    Play and schedule content with a USB Connection – no server connection required.
    Dust & Humidity Protection

    Circuit board reliability is enhanced with conformal coating that protects against dust, iron powder, humidity and other harsh conditions.

    Simple Network Management Protocol

    SNMP support ensures convenient network management.

    Wi-Fi Support

    SE3C Series support Wi-Fi USB dongle connection for convenient content distribution.

    No Signal Image

    Even with no signal from the media player, the network does not turn off completely, allowing remote control; this prevents unnecessary power usage and enables efficient management.

  • SM5KC Series

    Standard Performance SM5KC Series

    SM5KC Series


    SM5KC Series (32/43/49/55/65)

    The SM5C Series webOS signage, allows for customised apps that are easy to create using LG’s software development kit. The built-in Wi-Fi and SoC reduce the total cost of ownership and simplify installation, allowing you to manage content more conveniently. The SM5C series strengthens capability in supporting various network-based protocols.

    Key features

    Quad Core SoC

    Built into this signage is a Quad Core Processor. This is the engine behind the webOS platform that allows fast loading of apps and menus, as well as multi-tasking between apps. The result?  quick access to content and smooth playback.

    webOS 3.0

    With webOS 3.0 you can build apps and construct your own customised signage solutions using the LG Software Development Kit (SDK) and display logos during screen idle time (i.e. boot up, lost signal).

    Built-In WiFi & Mirroring

    This signage has built in Wi-Fi and the ability to mirror your Miracast enabled smartphones screen, so you can share content on a Wi-Fi network.

    Soft AP

    With SoftAp, the SM5KC signage can operate as a wireless access point for SoftAp enabled mobile devices.

    Simple Installation

    Easy to install as there is no external media player or Ethernet/RS232C cables required.

    Dust & Humidity Protection

    The SE5KC Series has been designed with the LG Conformal Coating to provide additional protection to circuit boards in harsh environments such as dust and humidity.

    Detachable logo

    The detachable LG logo allows easy installation in Portrait or Landscape mode.

    Group Manager

    Content can be created, distributed and controlled by a signage without a dedicated PC or server.

    PBP (Picture-By-Picture) / PIP (Picture-In-Picture)

    PBP (Picture-By-Picture) and PIP (Picture-In-Picture) features enable you to compose various layouts for several digital devices.

    IP Streaming Protocol

    Various types of IP video streaming protocol are supported, such as RTSP/RTP, MMS, HLS and MPEG-2 TS*.

    Secure Communication Protocol

    By supporting HTTPS* protocol, communication between server and signage is more secure.


  • XF3C Series

    High Brightness Digital Signage

    XF3C Series


    XF3C High Brightness Series (49/55/75)

    The High Brightness XF3C series can be utilised in bright outdoor environments.  It guarantees stability when exposed to external high temperatures and effectively reduces costs with a space-saving design and low power consumption.


    Key features

    Increased Brightness

    The brightness has been increased to 3,000 cd/m2 compared to previous models, making the XF3C the ultimate screen for outdoor visibility.

    Low Power Consumption Using The M+ Panel

    The M+ panel offers excellent energy efficiency and cost savings and decreases power consumption by 30 compared to conventional RGB panels.

    Smart Brightness Control 

    The auto-brightness sensor and preset time scheduler save power whenever possible.

    Dust & Humidity Protection

    The conformal coating enhances circuit board reliability by protecting it from dust, iron shavings, humidity and other harsh conditions.

    Slimmer Depth

    The slimmer depth saves space for installation and makes the enclosure design slimmer.

    Wide Viewing Angle

    IPS technology provides better control of the liquid crystals which allows the screen to be viewed from virtually any angle.

    Colour Accuracy

    IPS technology displays accurate color for each pixel closest to the original image and reproduces the original color without distortion.

    Real-Time Remote Monitoring

    When an alarm occurs, an email notification is sent through the SNMP using the SuperSign C or SI software. In case a malfunction or error occurs, real-time remote care is available.

    Saving System Log Files

    The XF3C supports log file back-up for fault clarification when the display fails. This allows you to conveniently check when an error has occurred.

    No Blackening Effect

    Even under direct sunlight exposure, LG commercial monitors remain free of blackening defects under 110°C and provide superior quality for outdoor usage.

    High Operationing Temperature

    Its high reliability under high operating temperatures reduces the material costs of the enclosure.

  • UH5B Series

    UH5B Ultra HD Series

    UH5B Series


    UH5B Series (49/55/65)

    With an expanded UH5B Series lineup, you have options to suit most environments. The UH5B boasts stunning clarity, vivid and realistic colors and world class picture quality. 



    Key features

    Ultra HD Resolution 

    Ultra HD Large screen delivers immersive viewing experience

    webOS 2.0 operating platform

    The webOS 2.0 platform provides easy and convenient tools to create contents. LG’s SDK* and technical supports make content development and management easier.

    Built-in WiFi

    Enables mirroring and content sharing.


    The UH5B with SoftAP software can operate as a wireless access point for mobile devices.

    Reduced Power Consumption

    It has excellent energy-efficiency and cost- savings with the M+ panel, which decreases power consumption by approximately 31% compared to a RGB panel.

    High efficiency Video Coding 

    Supports HEVC-based content which has the double data compression ratio than the H.264 so network traffi c can be reduced by half.

    Up-Scaling and Super Resolution

    Up-Scaling and Super Resolution technology enhance the quality of FHD content to near-UHD quality.

    Quad Core SoC 

    The High Performance SoC can execute several tasks at the same time and provides smooth content playback


  • 86BH5C

    86" Ultra Stretch Screen




    LG's Ultra Stretch 86BH5C is a new signage format with a 58:9 widescreen that can display dynamic content in accordance with the user's installation environment (e.g. airports, subways, banks, art galleries, retail stores). This product is also a work of structural art in itself that can be seen as digital decor.


    Click on the link for another video demonstration:

    LG Ultra Stretch signage

    Key features

    Ultra HD Resolution (3840 x 600)

    Ultra HD large screens deliver an immersive viewing experience.

    58:9 Extended Wide Format

    Dynamic content is delivered on one screen since the new widescreen format is a 58:9 bar- type display 

    4 Divided PBP in Landscape or Portrait

    The Picture-by-Picture (PBP) feature allows you to divide a screen into four parts in landscape or portrait installations.

    Multiple Content Creation

    Users can edit content that consists of one video and several still images (up to 20) with SuperSign Editor.

    LAN Daisy Chain

    The LAN daisy chain allows you to control and monitor devices, distribute content, and even update firmware.

     Easy Installation

    This product supports side brackets for buried installations and the classified in/out port prevents errors when connecting a daisy chain.







  • 98LS95D

    Ultra HD Large Screen signage



    98LS95D 98" Ultra HD Large Screen signage

    The award winning 98LS95D delivers superior 3840 x 2160 resolution and boasts four times the resolution of Full HD displays. The display can be mounted in portrait or landscape mode for a wide range of commercial applications. Its optimized SoC has powerful performance to play various content and its webOS platform allows signage software developers to install and run their software in a more simplified solution. These giant edge-lit LED displays offer an attractive alternative to traditional tiled video walls as for example, the 98-inch class model is equivalent to a 2x2 49-inch class array.


    Key features

    Ultra HD

    Ultra HD screens deliver an immersive viewing experience and have high definition picture quality, 4 times higher than FHD.

    Immersive large screen

    98” real size displays deliver seamless content as an alternative to the 2x2 video wall at the flagship store.

    Up-scaling and super resolution 

    Up-scaling and Super Resolution technology enhance the quality of FHD content to near-UHD quality.

    High Performance & Cost-effective SoC

    Without an additional media player, our SoC type embedded media player can play media content.

    Simple Customisation

    Simple customisation function will be provided; our solution can be customised through a SDK to showcase your logo or improve compatibility.

    Auto-signal switching

    The enhanced failover function enables content in the internal memory to be displayed without dead spots when none of the external inputs is working. To display content without dead spots, the monitor performs the signal switching automatically.


  • 49MS75A

    Mirror Display signage



    49MS75A Mirror Display signage



    Key Features

    • Built-in Mirror
    • OpS Compatibility - OpS-ready and supports OpS Kit (optional)
    • Supports Wi-Fi ready (Dongle)
    • Supports SNMp
    • Embedded web server
    • Enhanced Failover - auto signal switching even from internal memory
    • High performance & Cost-effective SoC - Embedded high performance player for heavy contents (FHD movie clips)
    • webOS for Signage platform - Web-centric platform, simple customisation,



  • TC3D Series

    Interactive Digital Boards

    TC3D Series


    TC3D Series Interactive Digital Boards


    The TC3D Series feature advanced p-cap touch technology to enable precise touch responses and realistic handwriting. For effective collaboration, LG IDB technology combines once separate processes including participant laptop screen sharing via wired/wireless connection, writing on a shared screen, and saving annotations.

    • UHD resolution
    • IPS panel - features wide viewing angles and true-to-life colour
    • Auto-signal / touch switching - the display can detect input/touch signals and automatically change the source
    • Multi screen - PBP/PIP enables two different content sources to be displayed in various layout settings.
    • 500 cd/㎡
  • Dual-Sided Curved & Tiled OLED signage


    With cutting-edge OLED technology, LG Electronics introduces the innovative dual-view curved tiling OLED signage display that has perfect picture quality and revolutionary pencil-thin design, adding artistic value to its display functionality.


    • Perfect Black - limitless contrast and deepest black
    • Perfect Colour - self-lighting pixels bring colors to life with superb accuracy.
    • Wide Viewing Angle - LG OLED Signage delivers awe-inspiring picture quality across the entire screen, even from wide viewing angle
    • PC-less Playback - high performance SoC & high internal memory capacity (128 GB) enables perfect UHD-synced playback without the need for media players.