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22SM3TB Small Signage

The 22SM3TB is a compact touch screen that can be used in a wide range of places, such as a price tag on supermarket shelves, near cashiers in convenience stores or as a notification board in business spaces. The display offers simple and efficient power management via PoE (Power-over-Ethernet).

 - Brightness : 400cd/m2
 - Bezel : 14mm (Even Bezel)
 - Depth : 29.7mm
 - Interface : USB, SD Card, RJ45
 - Special Features : Wi-Fi Built-in, K-Slot

Key features

 Built-in Touch

Interactive process between users and displays with built- in touch, creates informative and lively user experience.

5.9GB Internal Memory + SD Card

With 5.9GB of internal memory and an additional SD card slot, you can play a sufficient amount of content within the internal memory or additional storage.

Simple Network Management Protocol

SNMP support ensures convenient network management.

PoE & Low Power Consumption

PoE* allows the installer to connect the power and network using just one wire. This greatly simpli es the installation and maintenance processes in locations where adding a power outlet is expensive or prohibited.


The 22SM3TB with SoftAP software can operate as a wireless access point for mobile devices.

Support for Android Environment

The application which can be operated on the screen with customers can be developed and used based on Android OS.

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