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Dennis Garrison

Job title 

Director of Content 

Dennis is responsible for developing Airwave's content distribution network and looks after licensing, movie content, programming and all other entertainment services. 

Experience and Background

With over 30 years experience in the media industry, Dennis started his career as a cable TV salesman, walking the streets of Los Angeles in order to hit his numbers.    With extensive experience in video on demand architectural systems, one of Dennis' many claims to fame was initial work on a system that eventually became known as "BT Vision".  Dennis was also managing director of "Knowledge TV", one of Europe's first digital TV networks.

In his 7 years with the company, Airwave's distribution network has grown from 2 to 47 countries.

Something Interesting?

Very active in the environmental sector, Dennis is responsible for a multitude of good, green deeds.  He is also a Donald Trump lookalike, recently growing a moustache to avoid confusion.