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Rob Wickings

Job title 

Managing Director, SCCI Alphatrack, 

Rob oversees all aspects of Airwave's sales, operations and finance functions and is also managing director of sister company SCCI Alphatrack. A busy man, Rob is also SCCI Group's Health & Safety Director and performs a director role across the group's portfolio of companies.

Experience and Background

Having trained as an electrician, the romance of TV distribution and engineering compelled Rob to join SCCI, commencing his career as an aerial engineer. 

Rob was soon promoted to the position of senior systems engineer and was involved in the design, planning and implementation for large scale TV distribution systems throughout the UK.  Deep involvement in the introduction of digital broadcasting (which revolutionised the industry) coupled with rich experience within the satellite delivered TV and data service environment, facilitated Rob's progress and promotion to technical director.

Further achievements - including the installation of some of the UK's first satellite dishes and more recently, managing the UK's first UHD satellite transmission - aided his journey to managing director of the SCCI group of companies.

A SCCI lifer, Rob has been with the company in its various guises since 1982.

Something Interesting?

When Rob's not talking about satellites and RF systems, he's typically found swimming in a lake, running long distances and pedalling furiously - he claims this is fun and called a "triathlon" but we don't believe him.

Not one for playing it safe, a work assignment once took him from Basra to Baghdad on a Hercules ("I was absolutely petrified" he admits), he even installed a satellite system at  Gorbachev and Reagan's Reykjavik Summit.