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Dean Moody

Job title 

Healthcare Services Director

Having spent many years working within the NHS technology environment, Dean acts as a conduit between the NHS and Airwave’s technical team, helping to design, create and evolve display-centric patient engagement services.

Experience and Background

Dean’s experience lies exclusively within the IT and technology sector. Having run his own IT support company, Dean augmented his skillset within various functions in the healthcare & WiFi technology environment.

Career headlines include a 20-year stint in France, working in IT and healthcare technology, with his latter years mostly involved with the NHS in the provision of patient engagement technology, serving to entertain, inform and educate both patients and staff.

Something Interesting?

Dean is an experienced cruising sailor, spending 7 months a year* enjoying his passion for the sea.

Inspired by a book called “Sell Up and Sail,” he did exactly that. After selling up,  he thought to himself “How far can I sail?” To find out, he bought a 55-foot ketch, and set off to sea on a six-month sojourn (that lasted four years and concluded inTurkey). Along the way, he had many adventures, including the adoption of Nero, the Greek cat, and Bonnie, the Turkish dog.

Unsurprisingly, Dean is a fan of travel literature, loves to read and has been banned from any quizzes involving maps or geography.

Dean’s other interests include Formula One and regular chats with his two twenty-something daughters.

* by his own admission, a fairweather sailor.