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Matthew Cox

Job title 

Business Development Manager

Matt looks after the development of strategic relationships/partnerships within Airwave's healthcare division.

Experience and Background

A degree in Structural Engineering at Manchester University preceded Matt's journey into the world of networking and technology. Such was his appetite for all things cable and fibre, that he spent university weekends and summers working at networking company, MLR Networks, based in Runcorn, Cheshire.

Here, he spent many hours designing system infrastructure, learning the nuances and intricacies of the world of networking.

A love for the fun and social aspect of hospitality whet his appetite for Airwave's core industry; Matt initially worked at the front end, managing a number of bars and restaurants both in the UK and internationally. 

An expert in technology, an expert in the hospitality industry? Naturally, Airwave was the obvious fit...

Something Interesting?

Matt is an intrepid and seasoned explorer, having travelled much of the globe.

Young, confident and foolish he commenced his travels by inadvertently booking himself into a "hostel" in the middle of a Nairobi shanty town. Not only did he survive the night, but he embraced his new friends, frequenting the bars of the Kenyan capital with a cigar-smoking, brandy-drinking entourage.

Less successfully, he was robbed twice in 24-hours in Rio de Janeiro and, after an energetic play-fight on a railway station platform in San Antonio, broke his leg in several places. Ask him for stories about the "wheelchair in Vegas."

A 60 Seconds with.....Matt Cox video interview can be found here.