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Jake Archer

    Job title 

    Business Development Manager - Otrum

    With a focus on Otrum hotel TV and signage software systems Jake's responsibilities also include the development of opportunities within the signage environment, across the hospitality, retail, corporate and healthcare sectors.

    Experience and Background

    Jake's eclectic career has seen him try his hand at sales roles within a number of industries, including interior design, financial brokerage and more recently, healthcare technology. He joins Airwave with a keen interest in business efficiency.

    Something Interesting?

    Jake is a keen musician, playing bass guitar for a number of bands, including his own "Rubber Thumb," a brass/funk/party piece he describes as "bizarre".

    Currently on a quest to produce the perfect pad thai, Jake is puzzling over the great fish sauce debate - fish sauce or not fish sauce, that is the question (apparently).

    Jake is a vegetarian but his favourite food is steak and eggs - he also has fear of paper that is not folded in half properly?