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Zoe Wales

    Job title 

    Sales Administration Assistant

    Zoe provides internal sales support, primarily focussing on Airwave's hospitality division.

    Experience and Background

    Naturally effusive and outgoing, Zoe naturally gravitated towards a career in sales customer services, joining Airwave after a successful stint at a media company.  

    Something Interesting?

    A lover of good books and science fiction, Zoe's equally at home reading Lord of the Rings as she is watching the Star Trek franchise.  She's a biker at heart and spends many hours riding pillion, drinking blackberry whisky (delicious apparently) and typically favouring a peaty bouquet.

    She accidentally smoked five grands worth of Cuban cigars before discovering their value - lesson learnt?  google before you smoke...

    A 60 Seconds with.....Zoe Wales video interview can be found here.