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We Talk Tech discuss content casting in the hospitality industry


We Talk Tech

We Talk Tech brings together industry experts, to discuss technology trends for today, tomorrow and the future.

Airwave Technical Director, Julian Arnold, joins Otrum Executive Vice President and Wifirst Technical Director Vince Jouan to discuss five key questions on the topic of content casting in the hospitality environment.

Keen to hear what they've got to say? Simply click into the above video.

The five questions on the panel's agenda feature below (if you want to fast forward to a particular question, note the time stamps):

1. Viewing habits are changing. As consumers veer away from linear TV, is this signalling the demise for linear TVs in hotels? (0:08)

2. Many guests use casting at home, how can a hotel provide a similar experience in the guestroom? (3:01)

3. WiFi strength in older hotels can be a challenge. Is casting a threat to the stability and availability of hotel Wi-Fi? (5:57)

4. Hoteliers might argue that the cost to implement casting technology is prohibitive. Can this ever be an affordable solution? (8.35)

5. GDPR is hot topic; how can a secure, compliant casting solution be guaranteed? (11:48) 

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