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Airwave provides a First Class solution for Rail Gourmet

Rail Gourmet are the largest transport and food travel company and offer a ‘One stop shop’ for every element of modern rail catering. Airwave has worked with Rail Gourmet to install digital signage onto their food trolleys.

With trolleys being normally linked with just hot drinks, beverages and snacks they are now a key opportunity for advertising, and have attracted key companies such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Adagio and Carling. Airwave’s AirSIGN solution is used within the trolleys on a panel PC, AirSIGN allows Rail Gourmet the opportunity to incorporate useful information, branding and advertising opportunities

The content is updated remotely in depot’s overnight via Wi-Fi, they are very successful on key routes and trains in the south such as Brighton, Lewis and Victoria. They are also running on the Gatwick Express.

Tony Tizzard- Airwave’s Pre-Sales Technical Manager commented, ‘This solution is a great asset to Rail Gourmet, it allows them to promote their food and beverage products directly at point of sale, as well as being able to target the lucrative commuter market with relevant products and business  ’.

To find out more about the solution please get in contact with Tony at or call on 0845 555 1212