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Airtime Hybrid launches


Techlive International and Airwave Europe are delighted to announce the launch of a new hybrid version of Airtime.

Airtime is a unique on-demand video streaming service provided exclusively to the hospitality sector; offering guests movies from major Hollywood studios and TV features from the BBC, many of which are available weeks ahead of consumer streaming services.

 Utilising cloud-based technology, Airtime removes the need for on-site servers and additional hardware, eliminating the associated costs and maintenance, and apart from a nominal activation fee, the Airtime service can be provided free-to-hotel with no ongoing content fees.

 For hotels looking to provide a value-added experience, Airtime is now available as a hybrid service, offering complimentary access to an extensive catalogue of movies and TV features -  whilst still offering the latest premium movies on a pay-to-play basis.

 Product Development Director Julian Arnold: “As much as we recognise the growth of bring your own content, services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime require a subscription and it’s often difficult to display these services on the guest’s TV. Airtime offers a superior big screen experience that’s easy to use.”.

 Product Manager Richard Excell agrees: “Guests want to watch movies and TV programmes on a TV, but are often left watching on a phone or tablet, and of course it’s easy to forget that not everybody is technologically savvy. Airtime is the perfect solution for hotels wanting to give all their guests an equal opportunity to watch premium content”.


For more information on Airtime visit or call 0845 555 1212