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Content is King

The Dormero chain of hotels manage 25 properties across Germany and aim to "remember what the guest really wants".

"A fantastic bed, free movies, free minibar, professional workout devices and an invigorating breakfast" underpin Dormero's mission statement and serve as the basis for everything they do.

Airwave aren't experts in bacon butties, beer or boxing equipment but few people know more about movies than us.  As a consequence, Dormero's remit to supply content into the Hannover, Kelheim and Passau hotels was swiftly administered.

Airwave deployed movie and programming content into the the group's 531 bedrooms, supplying 40 Hollywood and 48 special interest titles into each room; catering for eclectic tastes, a mixture of new release blockbusters and movie classics was provided.

"The Dormero group recognise that not all guests want to watch movies whilst holding a five or twelve inch screen" said Product Manager Richard Excell "for a relaxing and rewarding experience, guests want to watch content on the medium it was designed for - a big flat-screen TV!"


To find our more about Airwave's movie and programming portfolio, feel free to get in touch for friendly, professional  advice.